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Any realtor will tell you that when concrete ages, it becomes discolored and ugly, which subtracts from the value of your property. With the right residential concrete resurfacing, you can change an eyesore into eye candy and improve the curb appeal of your home. Spray decks are economical and eco-friendly concrete overlay systems designed to transform plain concrete into something both attractive and functional.

Currently, we offer a wide variety of residential applications from pool decks and patios to driveways and walkways. Unfortunately, over time your concrete will begin to show signs of wear and tear, from simple crack repairs to fully finished overlays and acid staining, our experts can handle the job. If your residential concrete resurfacing needs extend out back, then a custom design for your patio or pool deck might just be what the doctor ordered. We can apply a slip resistant finish that will retain less heat and make using those spaces more comfortable during warmer weather. When resurfaced properly, these spaces can become amazing destinations for family and friends to relax and entertain.

Crack Repair Services At Danny’s Spray Deck our Houston concrete repair professionals understand that as concrete moves, despite what it’s attached to, you’ll get what’s called restraint. Restraint basically means that the concrete is not being allowed to freely shrink as it dries or to expand and contract with shifts in the temperature. This causes tensile forces and subsequently leads to the concrete cracking.

Residential Services

– Walkways & Entryways

– Garage Doors

– Pool Decks

– Driveways

– Patios

– And More!

Benefits of Use

– Low Maintenance Requirements

– Unlimited Designs Available

– Affordable & Safe

– Cool to the Touch

– Slip-resistant

– Waterproof

– Durable

The most widely used method to control random cracking in concrete slabs is to place expansion joints in the concrete surface to create weakened planes where the concrete can crack in a straight line. This produces an aesthetically pleasing surface since the crack takes place below the finished concrete. The concrete has still cracked, which is normal, but the absence of any cracks on the surface gives the appearance of an unblemished slab.

Once cracks start to appear on the surface, the area must be cleaned properly before the repair can begin. We’ll remove all loose debris, including dirt, before we power wash the crack using a jet-type spray attachment. If the crack is stained with oil or grease, then we’ll clean the area with detergent before rinsing it thoroughly.

Lastly, we’ll allow the cracked area time to dry completely before proceeding with the repair. Mastic Services Mastics are materials used for gap filling, sealing, glazing, and waterproofing concrete. Commonly referred to as the waterproof expansion barrier between your pool and your deck, it’s main purpose is to allow movement between your pool and your deck without damaging the deck or your coping stones. Mastic is a special type of caulk that’s resistant to chemicals, water, and UV rays and designed for pool and spa area applications. Since mastic is installed between the deck and the coping of your pool or spa, it will help prevent weeds from growing in that space. Even more important than that, mastic prevents water from entering the space behind your pool shell, which can lead to sagging of the deck, or damage to the shell itself. Mastic installation usually takes between two (2) and three (3) hours depending on the size of the area being serviced combined with a cure time of twenty-four (24) to forty-eight (48) hours, depending on the temperature. Available in dozens of colors and designs, the concrete experts at Danny’s Spray Deck will be able to match your mastic to almost any color that you want. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for your free, no hassle quote.

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