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Spray decks are cost effective and functional concrete overlay systems which are designed to enhance the look and functionality of plain concrete. These enhancements can come in the form of textured surfaces, and patterns, just to name a few. Our coatings can be applied over old or new outdoors concrete. We use concrete overlay products that are created with anti-slip material, so you can rest assured that patrons and personnel alike will be safe from slips and falls.

Our spray deck services are ideal for a wide variety of commercial applications from walkways and outdoor recreation to commercial pools and other commercial space. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, which is why we offer the best spray texture coating in the Houston area. With the right patterns, we can make any concrete floor look exactly like tile, natural stone or some other material. Our wide range of colors allows you to easily match your business’ color scheme and branding to help you create a unique atmosphere for your patrons.

Commercial Services

>> Commercial Garage Floors

>> Walkways & Entryways

>> Commercial Driveways

>> Commercial Patios

>> And Much More!

Benefits of Use

>> Unlimited Designs Available

>> Durable & Permanent

>> Low Maintenance

>> Cool to the Touch

>> Slip Resistant

>> Economical & Waterproof

Our pool deck surfacing service is second to none and will help keep swimmers and staff safe with coating and finishes consisting of anti-slip formulas designed to provide years of beauty and protection. When properly applied, these finishes are permanent, weather proof, resistant to damaging UV rays (unlike epoxy rock finishes), resistant to pool chemicals, stain proof, and can be used indoors or outdoors in the harshest of climates (well below freezing or in the extreme desert heat). Any good business knows that damaged and discolored concrete sends the wrong message, so repairing cracks in your concrete isn’t just important, it’s essential. That’s why at Danny’s Spray Deck, we provide professional concrete repair services to keep your business looking good and operating safely.

No commercial or industrial concrete repair job is too big or too small for us to handle. Crack Repair Services At Danny’s Spray Deck our Houston concrete repair professionals understand that as concrete moves, you’ll get what’s called restraint. Restraint basically means that the concrete is not being allowed to freely shrink as it dries or to expand and contract with shifts in the temperature. This causes tensile forces to accumulate and subsequently leads to the concrete cracking. Cracked concrete can be a major liability for any business and should always be taken seriously when it occurs.

The most widely used method to control random cracking in concrete slabs is to place expansion joints in the concrete surface to create weakened planes where the concrete can crack in a straight line. This produces a smooth surface since the crack takes place below the finished concrete. The concrete has still cracked, which is normal, but the absence of any cracks on the surface gives the appearance of an unblemished slab. Once cracks start to appear on the surface, the area must be cleaned properly before the repair can begin. We’ll remove all loose debris, including dirt, before we power wash the crack using a jet-type spray attachment. We highly recommend pressure washing for any project area with mastic installation or sealant services. If the crack is stained with oil or grease, then we’ll clean the area with detergent before rinsing it thoroughly.

Lastly, we’ll allow the cracked area time to dry completely before proceeding with the repair. Mastic Services Mastics are materials used for gap filling, sealing, glazing, and waterproofing concrete. Commonly referred to as the waterproof expansion barrier between your pool and your deck, it’s main purpose is to allow movement between your pool and your deck without damaging the deck or your coping stones. Mastic is a special type of caulk that’s resistant to chemicals, water, and UV rays and designed for various commercial and industrial applications. We pressure wash the project area for long term adhesion, then fill it with foam backer rod and replace it down to a 1/2″ depth with sealant. Once we’re done you can rest assured that your commercial or industrial project will be protected from the elements for years to come.

Our concrete professionals only use high grade mastics, which are used in all major construction and industrial markets including the transportation industry and the automotive industry. Mastic installation usually takes between two (2) and three (3) hours depending on the size of the area being serviced combined with a cure time of twenty-four (24) to forty-eight (48) hours, depending on the temperature.

We highly recommend pressure washing for any project area with mastic installation or sealant services. Our mastic is available in dozens of colors and designs, so the concrete experts at Danny’s Spray Deck will be able to match your mastic to almost any color that you want. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for your free, no hassle quote.